Eng Culture

Eng Culture

Our culture is a guiding principle for our engineering community. It was not something that was written overnight and no one followed. They are derived from our working experience at Snackpass

Our Values  ✨

🥇Customer first
  • Everything we do is either for our consumers or for restaurant partners. We quench our curiosity by engaging in brainstorming sessions to understand problems before proposing appropriate solutions. It directly translates to increased reliability and strengthens our customer trust.
💡Innovative ideas come from everywhere
  • We often pitch creative suggestions and tightly collaborate with Product to provide a positively exciting experience, even for little things. We take pains to pay close attention to tiny details.
  • Whether it is market research or solving critical customer problems, we play a strong role in shaping up Snackpass solutions.
🔁 Iterate quickly
  • We ruthlessly and rigorously prioritize building crucial and value adding high impact features.
  • In scenarios, where there are uncertainties in problems or solutions, we iterate fast with quick and dirty MVP solutions. We usually end up gathering great feedback (both good and bad) directly from our customers. #makeitactionable
  • 🚢 We ship often. It does sound like we are asking for trouble at first glance but we apply rigor in our dogfooding process and often ship behind feature flags. Minimizing our time to market is our secret weapon.
🏢 Strong foundation
  • We identify scenarios that require a strong foundation (during Sprint Zero). This helps us to focus on high quality from the get-go, especially in scenarios when we know exactly what we need to solve.
👉🏽 Simplicity
  • We strive to provide simple solutions, with exceptions of course. Our customers do not care how much time we spend or how complex the solution is. They often care about solutions that help with their problems.
🦈 Share everything
  • Our meetings (Kickoff, Grooming, Planning and Retros) are open and shared with everyone in the team. We create RFCs for every single feature we build. It lets everyone participate in review and provide direct feedback (with good intent). Our disagreements often showcase new perspectives to think about and result in improved solutions.
  • Discord runs deep in our culture. Our engineers often live stream coding in Discord. We proudly call this as Team Programming (as opposed to pair programming). Sometimes we just hang out in Discord, listen to music or play Poker.
📈 Grow together
  • Right from day one, we (as buddies) help with onboarding new members quickly into our ecosystem. Our intro ritual includes meeting the entire team (virtually) and sharing something unique about yourself. We employ async methods (recorded onboarding videos) to let new members learn from day one, at their own pace.
  • We learn from our mistakes. Our incidents are followed by blameless postmortem, it always is a systemic issue (no pointing fingers). We collectively learn and identify areas to improve just by scanning the timeline and root cause analysis. We don't stop there, we go a step further and feed actionable items right into the next sprint.